· Restaurant CiÇou provides rare pleasures in contemporary fine dining, melding the cultures of French food and recipes with contemporary eastern delicacy. Our very own Chef Cyrille — whose nickname, CiÇou, is used as the banner of this establishment — does all the wonders in his kitchen laboratory for our guests to experience. His concoctions — magical interplays of the keen excellence on French cuisine and patisserie and the characteristic variations on Asian culinary artistry that provide for a rare yet appealing texture on taste, visuals, and gustatory flamboyance — render the most sought-after menu this part of the commercial business district.

Chef Cyrille prepares weekly set lunch — an assurance that the raw materials used are timely, of high quality, and fresh — he masterfully maneuvers and prescribes, and delivered from his inner sanctum to your table by the best men and women of Restaurant CiÇou. The meals he prepares range from what may seem simple as the traditional breads and cheeses to elaborate affairs of numbered courses.

Having been involved in several establishments abroad that have been bestowed with stars by the most famous and influential restaurant guide, the Michelin Guide Rouge, Chef Cyrille continues to work his marvelous creations here because, to him, it is no longer work but the justification of his passion in creating and preparing food. An artist in his own rightful place, Restaurant CiÇou, his canvas is your plate.

We boast of a set of staff and employees who will see through your every dining need. These are men and women who have undergone the most stringent of trainings and skills upgrade so that you, our guests, shall be comfortable and hence realize utmost satisfaction when served.

Come and dine. Experience a different world of taste, color, and traditions, even new ones emerging.


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